Why should I register to play in the Capital Ringette Classic?

Play against top competition from across Canada.  We have had teams from coast to coast join us.

If your team’s season ends in April, the Capital Ringette Classic is your team’s last hurrah.  A great long term memory.

Put together a team of friends and have fun!

Can I register a team now without a full roster?

Absolutely, we have several teams that have done so in order to hold their spot while they put together a team or in anticipation of a newly formed spring tryout team.  A 50% financial deposit is required by Mar 15, 2023 with the balance due Apr 15, 2023. Your team roster is not required until Apr 15, 2023, which leaves lots of time to complete your roster.

Spaces fill fast, you will want to register now to avoid disappointment.

Can I mix players from different teams in our Association?

For sure.  If needed, our Tournament Coordinators will assist you in selecting the correct level of play for your formed team.  It is important to the Capital Ringette Classic that teams are placed in the correct division, this ensures that all teams are satisfied with the level of play during competitions.

How does Team/Player insurance work?

The Capital Ringette Classic has arranged for teams to gain insurance coverage at a very reasonable price, usually $12-15 per player.  Here is the link to our insurance partner.


The Capital Ringette Classic will be requesting proof of insurance prior to the tournament start date.  This will come in the form off a Certificate of Insurance from iplayhockey.ca or another insurance carrier.

Why do we require insurance?

The Capital Ringette Classic holds event liability insurance.  Each team requires their own liability insurance to ensure they are covered in the case of an unfortunate mishap while at the tournament. The insurance protects the coaching staff, trainers and players in the case of an incident.  All private events require private insurance.

What is White Glove service?

The Capital Ringette Classic wants to distinguish itself by providing an enhanced level of service to our tournament patrons, teams that are either from out of town or live here in the capital.

Our White Glove service provides direct links to quickly book your team’s hotel at our partner hotels.  We will also work with your team to arrange restaurant venues and activities around your team’s schedule.  The Capital Ringette Classic will complete your restaurant bookings and other reservations to ensure everything is organized prior to your arrival.

This White Glove service is complimentary to all teams registered with the Capital Ringette Classic.

Why is the tournament fee $1475.00 + HST?

There has been a siginificant increase in the cost of referees, ice time and other costs. We still feel this tournament provides a great value at a per player cost of +/- $100, depending on your roster size.

As ringette parents we have never been impressed with tournaments that charge us money to watch our children.  A spectator door entry fee, $15 to $20 per person is usually standard for spring tournaments. We did the math; a door entry fee will cost you more.  On a 15 player team with additional family members and friends, the entry fees can really add up, too much money for some families. We DO NOT charge a door entry fee.

With the cost of ice increasing dramatically we have tried to keep the price reasonable while still providing an amazing experience for the players and parents. Similar hockey tournaments are in the $1900+ price range.

The Capital Ringette Classic will keep your family together for the weekend, we offer free entrance to all the tournament games for any and all family members and friends.  As well, we have a four (4) game guarantee for all teams. Depending on results, a team could play up to seven (7) games at the Capital Ringette Classic.

We have many value added features that many tournaments do not and are always looking for ways to improve the experience.

Is there any restrictions to bench staff, for example one female must on the bench?

There are no restrictions for a team’s bench staff at the Capital Ringette Classic.  We ask that you honour regular protocol and have a female coach and trainer and a female adult in the dressing room at all times, to help guarantee the safety and happiness of the player community.

Is the Capital Ringette Classic affiliated with any local association or governing body?

No.  The tournament is a privately operated event created to provide a unique spring ringette experience for players, coaches and parents from across the world.

All teams are welcome and allowed to attend this tournament as it is an out of season spring tournament.

Can individual players join another team?

Yes.  The Capital Ringette Classic can help match players with teams as requested. Last year, we had several players that wanted to play but didn’t have a team and we had a few teams that needed players. We coordinated the contacts and everyone had a blast with their new friends.

Contact us @ info@capitalringetteclassic.com for more info.

My team needs a couple more players to fill our roster.

Let us know and we will help. We have had success in the past, we may be able to fill the spots with girls that want to play but don’t have a team.  Contact us @ info@capitalringetteclassic.com for more info.

I am a referee and would love to work the tournament!

No problem, email us @ info@capitalringetteclassic.com and we will put you in touch with our referee coordinator.

Will my team be playing any teams with a male player?

The Capital Ringette Classic recognizes the Ringette Ontario inclusion policy.

Males are permitted to play at the recreational level as well as the U10B and U10A divisions.

The Capital Ringette Classic asks that you treat every player and their team with the respect that is expected of any participant in Ringette and follow the True Sport Principles to create a fair, safe and open environment.

It is up to all of us to create the kind of sport community and sport experience we can be proud of.