Tournament Rules

Official Rules and Guidelines

  1. Each team will play a minimum of four games including the playoffs during this event.
  2. Games will be two periods of fifteen minutes stopped time with shot clock, except U10 division where no shot-clock will be used throughout the tournament. All round robin games will have a 50 minute running time maximum.  The game will end when the 50 minute buzzer sounds regardless of the time on the score clock.  Pre-game warm ups will be two minutes continuous time. No overtime at the end of regulation time during the preliminary rounds.
  3. One 30 SECOND time out per team per game will be permitted
  4. No game protests will be accepted.
  5. Minor penalties will be 2 minutes and Major penalties will be 4 minutes.
  6. Each team should be at the rink 1 hr before the game and ready to play 15 minutes PRIOR to their scheduled start times. The coach/manager needs to REPORT BEFORE EACH GAME to the tournament registration table. A team that does not present itself to a game will be subject to a disciplinary committee and expulsion from the tournament.
  7. If a difference of seven goals or more exists from the beginning of the second period, the remainder of the game will be played with running time, and will remain for the rest of the game.
    • Each playoff game will consist of two 15 minute periods stopped-time. There will be an overtime period followed by shootouts until there is a winner and a loser.
    • The following overtime rules will apply:
      1. “One-3-minute” sudden death period will be played with the usual number of players. Penalties being served at the end of regular game play will continue to be served. A coin flip will be used by the officials to determine ring possession at the beginning of the overtime period.
      2. Shootout: Three penalty shots are given each team (the shooters and their order of shooting must be indicated on the score sheet prior to the start of the game). Should a tie persist after the first round of shooters, teams alternate shooters until there is a winner. The ring will be placed inside the centre circle, in the half closest to the net where they are shooting. The goaltender must remain on the goal line until the whistle is blown to signal the shooter to begin.  If the player misses picking up the ring, the shot is finished.  There are no rebounds. Also, a continuous movement must be used, no stopping, no circling around the net is permitted and a player cannot go back from where she came from.  If the goaltender deliberately commits a foul which warrants a penalty, a goal is awarded.
    a) The point system for teams ranking in the standings will be as follow: 2 points for a WIN, 1 point for a TIE, & 0 point for a LOSS.
    b) No matter what the score ends up, a team cannot get credited more than a 7 goal difference.
    c) Team rankings in the standings will be sorted first by Total Points, then by Goals For + Goals Against) / Goals Against (GF: Goals For and GA: Goals Against), with the highest value being the higher ranked team
    d) In the event of a tie breaker (2 or more teams) for a playoff seed after applying ranking criteria in Rule 10 c), the following criteria will apply through those listed below until 1 team and only 1 team is identified ahead of all other teams tied. That team has the next position in the standings while we repeat the whole process from step 1 on with the remaining teams to determine the team’s ranking in the standings:
  2. Head-to-Head
  3. Most games won
  4. Least Goals Against (GA)
  5. Most Goals For (GF)
  6. Fastest goal between the teams concerned
  7. Fastest goal at the beginning of a game in the preliminary round
  8. Least penalty minutes during the tournament
  9. Flip of a coin by the tournament coordinator
  10. PLAYERS’ ELIGIBILITY & ROSTERS. All eligible players must be entered on the first
    game score sheet. The roster must include a unique jersey number for each player. Teams
    must provide a final official game roster to the Direction of the tournament prior to the start
    of the FIRST game with no additions being allowed from then on. The exception to this rule
    is that injured, sick, or unavailable goalies may be replaced with the assistance/approval of
    tournament organizers.
    — A player can only play for one team in a specific age category during this tournament weekend. Players can be called up to a higher age category team, if necessary, with the tournament being advised in advance of the call up. Playing for more than one team in a specific age category will disqualify said player and the games played for the teams will be forfeited.
  11. The team’s manager/coach/responsible must CHECK IN 45 min with the tournament office before each game.
  12. Teams will be responsible financially for any damage to dressing rooms. Each team should leave the dressing room 25 min. after each game.


ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. Team’s OFFICIALS are responsible of their actions and those of the parents and players. Aggressive or abusive behavior on the part of any player, team official, coaching staff or parent may result of your team being suspended for the balance of the tournament. At all times, the direction of this tournament reserves itself the final word on the interpretation of the rule and has the right to change or alter these rules without any prior notice to act in the best interests of the tournament.

Updated May 30, 2018